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Love your sketches! toooo good lady.



Love your sketches! I'm also really liking your blog - keep up the good work!

Have a wonderful day,

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks so much :)  I just checked out your blog but wasnt able to leave a comment.  Love your bandana nails tutorial :)

Lindsay Overbey

Awe :)  Thanks so much.  Youre sweet!  ♥Lindsay

Sarah D

Hey, I found this on Pinterest today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerard_michel/ Apparently he's a Belgian artist who teaches architecture. Neat! I'm hoping to be at Rhodes Saturday a.m. I'm driving in from a week in Little Rock Friday afternoon so I might be a little tired. :)

Lindsay Overbey

I dont think Ive seen his sketches.  Thanks for sharing :)  Im still deciding on whether or not Im going to make it tomorrow.  Its hard to get me up on the weekend, haha.  Im always tired!

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