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April Sharman

Sounds like you were busy and that's an awesome shell btw!


That wind is crazy! Can't believe the weather.

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks April :)  

Lindsay Overbey

I know.  It was really crazy and we only had 50-60 mph winds.  Im glad we had at least one sunny day :) ♥L


Oh gosh, I can almost feel the blustering wind from those pics. Looks like you had a good time despite the hurricane rolling through. Even some sunshine. It's been so cloudy here...

Lindsay Overbey

We did have a great time :) I don't mind the rain and clouds usually, but at the beach it's nice to have some sun! ♥Lindsay


Nice photo diary. These were cool to look at. I love the one of the owl... beautiful! Hurricane Sandy and flooded streets must have been wild in person... wow.

Have a lovely weekend :)



oh wow! beautiful photos!

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Polly :)

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Amber :)
I hope you had a great weekend!

Kerry @ withmycamera.com

you were in my neck of the woods (kind of)!

i'm blown away by the fact that you found a conch shell! i've lived in south florida my entire life and have never found anything but boring white shells down here LOL

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