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Divers and Sundry

is that a gingko tree in your 2nd picture from the top?

i love your firebowl! i've thought about getting something similar, but then i realize i'd hafta sit out in the cold to enjoy it. lol

Karen A

I love your boots, I've been looking for a pair just like them :)

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :)  They are from LL Bean.


Oh my, your images are so very beautiful. Makes me want to be there and just roast marshmallows with you.

Lindsay Overbey

Yes, it is.  I love gingko trees :)  Thanks!  Im so glad we got one.  You wouldnt be cold if you sat next to it.  

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :)  Youre sweet!  Id totally invite you.

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