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Such a wonderful woodsy weekend. I've always wanted to take my two pups on a trip, but was never sure how well they'd do with it. They are not the best behaved... lol!

Lindsay Overbey

It was the best!  Vera was really good, but she is very well behaved for the most part :)  She is a very calm dog.  You should try it anyway, its so fun!  They would probably love it.  ♥Lindsay


how fun! looks like a great time.


These pictures are so hauntingly beautiful!!
Love the waterfall and the Fall season!
xo TJ

Lindsay Overbey

:)  It was.  Thanks Whitney.

Lindsay Overbey

Awe thanks TJ.  I couldnt stop looking at the pictures on the way home.  I wanted to keep reliving it; It was amazing. ♥Lindsay

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