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I really like the color on you! It's certainly a huge change, and I understand the need to get used to it, but you look great. Now you have to take lots of pictures in the changing leaves to show it off. So pretty.


Oh! I love it. Glad you are starting to love it too. A big change like that takes some getting used to. My husband would side with yours though... he's dying for me to go blonde. I'm not sure I'm as brave as you to dive into that big of a change. We'll see...

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks!  Youre always the sweetest Bekuh.  Pictures in the changing leaves sounds perfect to me :)  ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Erica :)  You should try it if you want.  Its always easier to go back dark rather than blonde.  I think youd look great either way!  ♥Lindsay


Wow you really suit it! I surprised my husband on our wedding day by dyeing my hair pink before the service to match our colour scheme! Fun isn't it?!

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks so much!  Oh wow.  That is so cool :)  Id be so scared to change mine on the wedding day!  It is fun.  ♥Lindsay

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