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Creating a seasonal playlist is such a great idea! I always create playlists of favourite songs, but it had never occurred to me that I could make a playlist for a specific period of time. I'd definitely try that! ;)

Elizabeth @ Stoic & Pariah

I do a similar sorta thing! I like to listen to certain songs or albums over and over, for a particular period of time, and then go a while without listening to those albums for a while, so that the next time I listen to them, it'll, like you say, transport me to that time I spent listening to it over and over again. it's so weird (and awesome) how it works EVERY time without fail. I love it. hooray for meeting someone who does the same thing! :)


um...I love your Hunters! I want a pair so bad:(

I never do a playlist, because I'm beyond lazy but I do notice that all summer I listen to country music, fall I listen to the popular radio station for the overplayed songs, and winter I'm all about Nora Jones....I change my music standards like I change my waredrobe haha.

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Lily.  I always do it in the Fall, but Ive also been doing different seasons too.  I hope you try it :)  Thanks for visiting ♥ Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

Do you?  Thats so cool :)  I love it too.  Im glad we met.  Thanks for visiting ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Elsha!  I love them so much.  Totally worth the money.  Thats neat that you change your music based on the seasons.  I think my music taste pretty much stays the same, but I do think I may listen to more country in the summer too.  Thanks for visiting ♥Lindsay

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