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Wow, those are some pretty nice sketches! I think the bike is my favourite! Keep up the good work! :)

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you so much :)  The bike was my favorite too.  I plan on getting some sketching done this weekend too.  ♥Lindsay


The bike is amazing! I wish I could draw like that.

Now you've got me itching to try a few sketches too. Just got to find a quiet place with some interesting things nearby...

Lindsay Overbey

Yeah, I pretty much love her :)  You should sketch.  The more you do it, the better you get.  Ive really enjoyed sketching more the past few years.  I bring a small sketchbook and pencil with me for when the mood strikes.  You can pretty much do it anywhere.  ♥Lindsay


I really love the first picture of you drawing, it's really pretty!
I love seeing your sketches, you're really good!

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you!  Youre so sweet :)  ♥Lindsay

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