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Lindsay, you absolutely glow from inside. You can see how very much you are in love. What a joy to see you with the man of your dreams! Your mom looks stunning. You both are two of the most beautiful ladies I know. God bless you!!!


I love that dress!


Happy birthday! Enjoy your last year in your 20s.

Those dog booties are so cute! I always wondered about those. Let me know how you like them after you use them a bit. I wonder how my dogs would do with them...

Lindsay Overbey

Haha :)  I LOVE you!!! :*

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you :)  I will let you know.  We plan on taking her on a longer hike/walk this weekend with her booties.  It didnt take her long to get used to them.

Lindsay Overbey

Awe, thank you Jackie :)  I am.  Yes, my mom is stunning.  Youre so sweet.  Much love, Lindsay


Hi. Cute dog! We have irish softcoated wheaten terriers too, but four :P I'm from Sweden. Bye!

Lindsay Overbey

Hi.  Thank you :)  Awesome.  I love them so much!

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