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I love this, it's fun to read!
I've been to Ft. Lauderdale and loved it, it's a perfect place for vacations! =)
Hope you're having a great hiking trip so far!

p.s. how do you like 50 shades? I'm still wondering if I should get the series or not.


I too could not wait to be done the Fifty Shades series, I actually gave up part way through the 3rd book. I just couldn't do it.

I hope you have a great hike!!!

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My husband just got the new iPhone too. I'm so jealous. ;)

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Trish :)  It is so much fun + hard to not feel like you are on vacation when you go there.  We had a fun hiking trip but it didnt really go as planned.  I will blog about it soon.  I like 50 shades.  Its not the greatest thing Ive read, but after hearing everyone talk about it I wanted to.  When a girl a work gave me a copy, I figured why not? :)  Im a sucker for a love story.  ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

Haha.  I just started the thrid one so well see what happens :)  My hike was great, but we didnt get to overnight hike because of the rain.  I will blog about it soon.  I cant wait to check out your Currently. ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

Awe :(  That stinks.  I gave my husband my old one :)  haha.  But next time he will be the one getting the upgrade.  ♥Lindsay

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