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These are lovely! I used to sketch all the time when I was still in school but I almost never do anymore - thanks for the reminder that I totally need to start again:)

Lindsay Overbey

We meet once a month so I try to sketch that much at least. I also carry around a pocket sketchbook and pencil for when the mood strikes ;) Have you heard of the sketchbook project? That might be fun to get you started. I signed up again.


Lovely blog! x

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you :)  I checked out yours too + really enjoyed it.  ♥Lindsay


this reminds me of college! when i was in college we used to go to places in the area and sketch - i haven't done this in forever. looks like a beautiful place to get the chance to draw

of corgis and cocktails

Lindsay Overbey

You should.  I got out of the habit once I graduated college too, but this group has really gotten me back into it.  ♥Linz

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