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I love that you're getting so many tomatoes now! Our big tomatoes haven't produced at all, but our cherry tomatoes are going crazy. Your hair looks amazing in these photos btw

Lindsay Overbey

I know.  Im so excited!!!  I hope we get a few more big ones before summer ends.  Thanks :)  I found the hair tutorial on pinterest and was actually able to recreate it, haha.  Its the one where you put your hair into three braids and then roll it up and pin.  ♥Lindsay


I've never had much luck with tomatoes. Last year it was sooo windy they all blew off the vine. I'll have to give it another go though. Fresh produce is the best.

I never knew to water regularly to keep them from splitting. Great hint! :)

Lindsay Overbey

This is the first year Ive ever tried and I am highly surprised :)  We are growing cherokee purple heirlooms.  They are super tasty.  Id try it again for sure. ♥

whitney - see shop eat do

are you growing thse? how cool!


Oh yum! They look absolutely perfect! I wish my tomatoes had lived but at least I know there's always next year! =]


I love your hair style!

xo Jennifer


Emily B

Garden-grown tomatoes: maybe one of my favorite things about summer! YUM. :)


There is nothing like picking veggies from your own garden. It's pretty darn wonderful. And those tomatos of yours look pretty yummy.

Lindsay Overbey

Yes :)  Its been pretty exciting this summer.

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :)  I couldnt believe I actually got to eat one, haha.  I am going to plant them again next year too.  Good luck next year. 

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :)  I found the tutorial on pinterest + had to try it.  It was super easy :) ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

I totally agree.  I dont really like tomatoes unless they are home grown ;)

Lindsay Overbey

I know :)  Its so exciting.  Thanks!  They are super tasty. ♥Lindsay

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