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ughhh running rut. I've been trying to get back into running but this time with our dog and he loves running but he either thinks it's a race or that he has to run really fast so I don't trip on him haha Hopefully he gets better at running together.



I'm gonna have to get into those 50 Shades books. Everyone is talking about them.

Right now, I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance. I'm pretty much addicted.

My birthday is coming up this fall too! Mine is in October. When is yours??

Lindsay Overbey

Ive wanted to start running with my dog too, but she has had some skin allergies lately because of the heat.  Im going to start walking her and slowly build up her endurance.  The last time I tried running with her she had a limp the next day and I felt so bad.  I agree its easy to trip over them and the leash, haha.  I hope you both get the hang of it :)  ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

I had to read them to see what the big deal was too, haha.  Im a very slow reader.  I still need to finish the final book of the hunger games trilogy.  I used to watch SYTYCD but I havent the past few seasons.  I turned it on for a second last night and my husband begged (err..demanded) I turn it off.  Mine is Sept. 11th (technically still Summer haha, but it feels more like Fall).

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