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Aww congrats on the tomatoes! I gave up tryingto grow anything since it all just dies within days. I don't have my mom's magic touch at all =/ or I could blame NYC for rocky soil. I loved all of your pics!! Very cute family! I did nothing on 4th of July, we just watched some tv and a movie and went on the roof to watch the fireworks. Our neighbors went all out but we also were able to see the Macy's ones as well. =)

Vivi K

I would LOVE to go on our nature run sometime soon! Looks like fun! And your dog is so cute!


Congrats on the tomatos! That is so very exciting! I am always over the moon when I get something growing in our garden!

Lauryn from .hello. lj

Those are the best kind of holidays! The low key relaxed ones! Congrats on the tomatoes! I can't grow anything to save my life!


You're fourth of July sounds lovely. We went tubing on a river and were so tuckered out we didn't even watch the fireworks. We're old people now. I'm so excited for your tomatoes! Hooray for summer gardens.

Lindsay Overbey

You should.  Its really fun.  Thanks :)

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks!  I just hope I can keep them alive + that I get to eat one.  I bet.  It can be so hard. ♥

Lindsay Overbey

I totally agree :)  Thanks!  Im so excited.

Lindsay Overbey

It was relaxing :)  Tubing sounds like so much fun!!!  We went camping + canoeing last year.  I wanted to go again this year but couldnt since it fell on a week day :(  I just hope we get to eat one of the tomatoes :)  I ♥ Summer gardens.  Thanks Bekuh!  Youre a sweetie ♥

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