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.hello. lj

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! OH I love this! I absolutely adore quilts and Hadley is one very lucky girl to receive such a special gift from you! You did such a fantastic job! Thank you for the tutorial! I have packs and packs of quilt squares just waiting on me to get brave enough to try!

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you so much! :)  You should give it a try.  Its easier than you think.  Plus you can just rip your stitches out if you mess up + start again.


incredible project, well done :)

Drawing Dreaming

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you so much :)  It was really fun! ♥Lindsay


Oh this is cute. I love it. I did a 27 before 28 back in May. I need to keep up on that list or I will fall behind!

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you Meranda :)  I know!  Its easy to not finish.  Im ok with that.  I just like to complete most of them and work towards a goal ;)


This is so cute :) Just picked up your link after reading Elise Blaha's post on the grey and white blanket. I love the colours you've used, it's lovely and bright :)

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks so much! :)  I have plans to make another one soon.   


Hello! A few months ago I was looking for a project to do for a friend that is expecting, and I happened upon this blog post. I loved the quick and easy quilt design with the ribbons on each end, so I made it!

The blanket is now with the expecting mother and she loves it, so thank you so much for your post!

You can see my completed blanket here:

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