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katie b

cool post idea. I have been holding myself back from watching this season's bachelor pad. I get so sucked in! Sounds like you recommend it?

you had to be there

Lindsay Overbey

Actually, Id probably recommend not getting sucked in.  Haha. 


Natural coconut sparkling water sounds so yummy! I'll look for that next time I'm at Whole Foods :) What a wonderful post.

♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}


I love this! One of my absolute favorite baby lists (the pre-baby bucklist) is on wheremyheartresides.com
The whole blog is great but there's a picture you can click on the right side for her pre-baby bucketlist posts. So awesome!


I haven't had the sparkling coconut water, what when did this happen!? Must try at once. I'm so excited to see everything you've done once you've completed your summer manifesto. You've already made so much progress. Love this post.

Lindsay Overbey

It is so yummy!  I havent looked for it a whole foods.  I hope they have it.  I think Target does.  I got mine at Kroger (Im not sure if you have those?).  Thanks so much sweetie :) ♥Linz

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :)  Yay!  I cant wait to check it out...thanks for turning me on to another blog.  I love finding new ones.  I really enjoyed your blog too.  ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

:)  I saw James from Bleubird post about it first (mayber her instagram? i dunno).  But it is so freaking yummy + refreshing!!!  You have to find it ;)  It took a while for our grocery (Kroger) to carry it.  I think Target has it too.  Im excited to finish + post about it too.  Thanks :)  Youre too sweet Bekuh! ♥Linz


I'll have to look for the LaCroix next time I'm at the store. It sounds really good. I am so excited for fall time and I've already started making a list of christmas & winter things for December. I'm kind of crazy haha

Btw thank you for stopping into my blog and saying hello! :)

Lindsay Overbey

Haha thats funny.  Im more into fall halloween over christmas winter but I agree about being super excited :)  No problem!  Im glad you stopped by my blog too ;) ♥Lindsay


I love {love} the idea of a summer manifesto! I think I might have to make a "fall" manifesto, it sounds so much nicer than "bucket list"! And I'm prone to list making, as well. It's pretty much the only way I get anything done!

Lindsay Overbey

Me too :) I think thats a great idea! Ive been thinking about doing one too but my birthday is in September, so Ill be making my 29 before 30 list too. Id love to see your fall manifesto.

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