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This is OUT OF CONTROL. Why am I not there? Right now?

PS. I am so glad you came on over to OTA. I am even more glad I stopped by over here. Such. A. Cute. Blog!!

Lindsay Overbey

Haha :) It was seriously the best sno cone EVER!!! I'm not sure how they got the ice + flavors so perfectly mixed...mmm.... Well, if you are ever in Memphis I'll take ya! You're so sweet!!! ♥


Good grief that looks delicious! I LOVE snow cones!

Lindsay Overbey

:)  I havent had ANY like this + they were so GOOD! ♥


I've never been a huge sno cone fan but these look and sound INCREDIBLE! YUM! This is a must try if/when I'm ever in Memphis :)

Lindsay Overbey

They were! :) You should! Memphis is a fun place to visit for a few days. Let me know if you ever do + I would love to tell you where to go :)

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