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Oh my gosh, I have the same book!
I am in love with it. It's so fun to write in.

Found you through the sponsor page.
Lovely Blog:)

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Great list :)
I too would like to start running and have my veggie garden actually grow veggies!


I do the same. It is so fun to write in. I like the way you write on your book. Thanks for the post.

Lindsay Overbey

Yay!  I know.  I want to buy more of them.  Im glad you found me!  Ill check out your blog for sure. ♥

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Andrea :)  Well see what happens with the veggies.  You should start running + do it with me!  I post my progress on instagram. ♥

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you Sam.


I love your Summer Manifesto. I believe my mental list of to-dos looks very much like your written list, minus the 5K you're a better woman than I am. Can't wait to hear about them all as you live life. As always you're adorable

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Bekuh :) Youre too sweet! Well see how the 5Ks go. Haha. Super tough for someone who has hated running but always wanted to. Xo

Lauryn from .hello. lj

A friend of mine did a Smash book of her beach trip and it was the COOLEST thing I've ever seen! I adore it! I found them at Hobby Lobby and I can't wait to start on my own! I love your Summer manifesto and I've started checking out your 28 before 29 too! Such fantastic ideas and inspirations! I know they are all things you are going to look back at fondly!

Lindsay Overbey

I just started mine.  Mainly full of lists right now + to do stuff.  I cant wait to get into it.  Im also doing art journals + a mini book so Im trying to do it all, haha.  Thanks so much :)

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