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I LOVE your tattoo. I am actually getting one in the same area soon and like you I can't remember the pain involved. It has been 10 years since my last one. You seem like you handled it really well, I hope I can do the same. I can't wait to see it complete:)

Lindsay Overbey

Awe, thank you! :)  You can do it!  At first I was unsure, but it gets easier.  Some parts are bad, but some parts you can barely feel.  Its really sore afterwards, but gets better in a few days.  Ive been wearing only dresses for the past week.  Good luck!  I cant wait to see yours.  I got back next Friday!!! :)  ♥Lindsay


Lindsay, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!

You've seen pictures of me and know that I am VERY covered in tattoos- I still get extremely nervous and scared before each one- even after all this time. I guess it's normal? ;)

And YAY for Audrey Kawasaki! Did you know that I have a a full sleeve of Audrey's work?

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you so much! :)  Thats good to know.  Im curious to see how I will be next Friday when I finish it, haha.  Since its been so close I think my nerves wont be so bad, but well see.  Yes!  I knew you had Audrey tattoos.  Shes great!  ♥ Lindsay


You're so brave and it looks so good! I really love your story and can't wait to see it finished!

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :)  Youre sweet.  Me too!


Your tattoo is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously stunning. I love everything it represnts too. Just beautiful.
I am loving your blog! I love meeting new Typepad bloggers too :) new follower!

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you so much! :)  Im so happy I found your blog today.  Me too. ♥Linz

Account Deleted

Beautiful tattoo! La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong is my all-time favorite song. I found you through Natasha at Paper Crowns. So glad to have discovered your blog!




It is such a great tattoo! I can't wait to see it all finished :)

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Elizabeth! :) I love the Madeleine Peyroux version. I'm glad you found me! I will check out your blog too. ♥Lindsay

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks so much :) Me too! This FRIDAY!!! ♥Lindsay


Ohw wow! I always wanted the line -La vie en rose- as a tattoo and now by searching online I found yours! I love the lettertype they used...and it is so pretty! I want the same line on the outside of my arm :) thanks for the inspiration! Yours is amazing! And lovely blog by the way :) xoxo Davina

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you :) so sweet! The font is Porcelain I think.

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