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I love these sketches! That's so neat that they let you sketch the rehearsal!


Your sketches are great! The one of the arches and the chandelier is my favorite because you caught so many of the details!
Also, I wanted to let you know I tagged you in a game of blog tag! There is no obligation to play along, I just really like your blog and wanted to share it with others! You can check out the rules on my blog, and if you would like to play along that would be great!

Have a great day!

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :)  I know!  I was so excited.  Im working on us being able to sketch the ballet sometime soon. 

Lindsay Overbey

Thank you so much! :)  Ill check it out.  I wanted to do one of those but never got around to it, haha.  I appreciate you wanting to share my blog.  Thats so sweet! ♥Lindsay


Your sketches are really great: it really portrays the scenes so well!

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks Trish :)

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