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Okay I am definitely liking almost ALL of those Tom's sunglasses!!

I've really been wanting to try those Baby Lips- you're the second person I've seen that has liked them. I'll definitely have to get some too!

Lindsay Overbey

Me too! Sorta expensive but I really love them. I may have to splurge.

They are hard to find but I really like mine! I hope you like it. You can sorta smell/taste(?) the sunscreen. It's not bad though.


I had to mention you/your post in my blog today- because you inspired me to do a sunglasses post, because of these awesome Toms glasses! ;)


Lindsay Overbey

Awe :)  Awesome!  Ill check it out.  I cant decide if Im going to get them or not.  Sorta pricey, but I think they are totally worth it.  ♥Lindsay

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