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kathy palmore

That is the best love story of all! Reminds me of Eudora & William Morford's love stories!

Jessie Severt

Oh my gosh! I was touched by your romantic story in Portland, Lindsay. Despite the breathtaking wind, the rush and the cold water, the two of you shared an affectionate moment together in the aftermath. Your Valentine’s day last year should forever be hold in tender embrace. Congratulations, Lindsay. Just keep the fire burning, and when it feels like it's turning blue, always remember the chemistry that you and Zac both share.

By the way, I've read ""Dear John"" too. Congratulations to Nicholas Sparks, he killed me inside! How unfortunate, the movie didn't focus on the whole story. Oh! Have you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's ""100 Years of Solitude""? For avid romance novel readers like us, it's a must read novel, Casey. I suggest you read it.

Lindsay Overbey

Thanks :) Thats sweet.  I havent read it, but I will check it out. ♥

Julio Sporer

I agree. The way Nicholas Sparks delivered his words in "Dear John" is truly heartbreaking. This author has a unique incomparable romantic approach in every piece of his. Sadly, "Dear John" didn't come out strong unlike his other novels. "The Notebook" (2004) and "A Walk to Remember" (2002) - these two films were strong, but not as strong as the books. Anyway, the execution of the film all boils down to the director. I have also read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's ""100 Years of Solitude"", Jessie, and personally, it's way better than "The Love in the Time of Cholera".

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